About us


Hi, it is so great to finally meet you! My name is Shalini. I am a loving wife and a mother of a little girl, a dedicated daughter and sister, a loyal friend and the CEO of Baqless. 

I truly love what I do, and Baqless holds a special place in my heart. I’m so proud to introduce you to an absolutely fantastic product. One that actually solves the issues perfectly known to anybody wearing earrings, such as constant loss of backs, discomfort or skin irritation. There are so many innovations out there, promising to deliver great results, but instead they provide only temporary solutions, or help just a fraction of our population. With Baqless Technology we took it a step further. Because we care.


Our team is what makes our brand special. We are young, ambitious and ready to accept all new challenges. We are deeply passionate about what we do and we simply love seeing the smile on our customers’ faces! Our start-up company is based close to Basel, Switzerland, however, our team is scattered all over the world. Our employees are working together from Germany, Austria, Portugal and even Thailand. We mean it when we say that the world is our home.


Our Baqless Technology is produced with Ronda Group, a very well-known Swiss watch movement manufacturer and an expert in the production of technical micro-parts.

Our products are developed by Swiss and Thai jewelry designers. We collaborate closely to ensure we achieve the Swiss precision combined with the Thai art of jewelry making.


After the idea of producing backless earrings came to us, we were considering various versions of design and fastening mechanisms before finally arriving at the form we have today. We are very proud of the Baqless technology we developed, that’s why we want to share it with you! Every day the members of our team continue to strive for excellence, so we never stop researching new possibilities. We constantly work on new items of jewelry to keep on bringing our Baqless delights to you.


We really want to see how you wear, mix and match your Baqless earrings, so don’t hesitate to tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured: @baqless. Welcome to our beautiful family!